10% discounts available on all yacht classes Waterskiing and wakeboarding have always been very important to our centre. When you see wind sets ripples on the water, fun is about to start. Take your family for a ride! Take off with the fastest growing sport. When sci-fi becomes a reality.

About CrestWaterSports


Crest is proud to be the official distributor and test centre of Liquid Force; one the industry’s leading wakeboard and kiteboard manufacturers.

By collaborating with Liquid Force we ensure that our customers can ride the best gear the market has to offer.

So if you are searching for top-of-the-range wake gear. look no further - come and check out the Liquid Force shop in our Main Station next to the St. Raphael Marina.


In our stock you can find anything from Liquid Force boards and impact vests to tow lines, Apparel and backpacks.

Click the below link to Check our catalogue and if you find something that is not in our stock, we can arrange delivery.

Crest Shop Liquid Force Stock catalogue


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