Our center provides all the necessary facilities to make your stay with us as comfortable as possible.


Crest WaterSports, Limassol, Cyprus

Crest Watersports Centre was founded in the mid 1980’s, with the aim of offering a wide range of watersports activities, that would provide an unforgettable holiday experience or  be the start of a life long passion.

Today, this enthusiasm and love for Watersports has turned Crest into a thriving sports centre, that is up to date with all the latest equipment and sports, providing a great time for individuals as well as the whole family.  We pride ourselves on our diversity of teaching abilities, offering instruction in Greek, English and Russian and have taught children water sports from as young as 4years old.  We have also worked with people with a range of disabilities and welcome anyone who shares our love of life on the sea.

Over the last 30 years, one rule has remained the same, safety is our main priority.

Crest water sports Centre is a great place to learn and enjoy water sports at all ages, accompanied by professional instructors. With passion and courtesy, they answer queries, provide assistance and ensure your day at the beach is a memorable one!
Crest water sports Centre is a great place to learn and enjoy water sports at all ages, accompanied by professional instructors. With passion and courtesy, they answer queries, provide assistance and ensure your day at the beach is a memorable one! Muriel Matta


Crest WaterSports


Our main Watersports Centre is situated on the sandy shores of the St. Raphael Resort in Limassol.

Overview - Location

The location is next to a small marina, which provides a good, sheltered area for teaching beginners at all sports. The beach has also received a blue flag award for outstanding cleanliness and beauty. A boardwalk enables you to walk along the coast, right into the old town of Limassol. There is also a large parking area available should you be arriving by car, just follow the signs to St Raphael Marina.

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Photo - Crest WaterSports Centre - Location


Our Centre provides all the necessary facilities to make your stay with us as comfortable as possible.

Overview - Facilities

Here you can find showers, changing rooms, lockers and our ‘Chill-Out’ area. 

The ‘Chill-Out’ is a place where you can relax on our sofas or hammocks, whilst taking a break from the sun and the sea. Here, you can watch one of the DVDs from our watersports collection on our big LCD TV. We also offer Wi-Fi access, coffee, water and tea, all free of charge.

Aside from this, the St. Raphael Resort also offers the opportunity to have a great meal at the Seashells Beach Restaurant, as well as beach umbrellas and sunbeds for a small charge.

In conclusion, it is not difficult to spend an entire day at our beach! If you do stay until the evening, you will be rewarded by the beautiful Mediterranean sunset; one of the greatest gifts our island has to offer during your stay.

Photo - Crest WaterSports Centre - Facilities

Our team

Come and meet the Crest team!

Overview - Our team

We are a team of friendly, professionally qualified instructors who enjoy working with young and old alike. We speak many languages including Greek, Russian and English, and are always trying to reinvent our teaching methods to keep up with the current level of each sport.

Most of our instructors are even first aid certified!

We are also pleased to introduce our team riders, who are well practiced in their respective sports and are proud to call Crest their home


Mirko Gajin : Manager

Made in Serbia
Date of Manufacture: 14/07/1974
Keeps the young guys Surrounded by the bikini beauties focussed on the beach and organised.
Speaks Greek, Russian, Serbian and English .
A professional athlete; played in the first league of basketball in Serbia.
Adores kids and they adore him.
Has 10 years experience in teaching wakeboarding and waterskiing .


  • Andrew Lazarou : Resource Manager

  • Made in Australia 
  • Date of manufacture: 15/12/1964
  • If you stick around you'll definitely get to taste the amazing Andreas BBQ, the best in Limassol! 
  • Speaks Greek, English and has started to understand Russian.
  • Loves Sailing and his cowboy hat. 
  • Enjoys relaxing on the Hobie Catamaran whilst watching the sunset.



    • Alona Konovalova : Receptionist

      Made in Russia
      Date of manufacture: 14/03/1998
      Why Crest? “I love to communicate with others and make sure that everyone is happy” 
      Speaks English, Greek and Russian
      She is a great laugh and has a motivating energy to her, making customers satisfied with any watersports provided at Crest



VDWS certified windsurf instructor

  • Hamada Shazly : VDWS certified windsurf instructor

    Made in Egypt
    Date of manufacture : 24/08/1984
    Why Crest? “Great place, great people, great way to share my passion for windsurfing”
    Speaks English and Arabic
    Hamada is a VDWS certified windsurf instructor, with years of experience related to the sea in both Cyprus and the Egyptian Red Sea. You will love his sense of humour and his pedagogical skills


Instructor and Fishing Captain

  • Nicholas Georgiou: Instructor and Fishing Captain

  • Made in Cyprus
    Date of manufacture: 24/03/1977
    Wondering around different watersports stations he discovered Crest and fell in love with the spot and the customers.
    Speaks English, Bulgarian, Greek.
    Teaches all levels of wakeboarding, waterski, sailing and Fishing Charters are his favorite choices.
    Always willing to share his knowledge and give a tip or two to those who ask for it.


Boat Driver

Dzigurski marko : Instructor

Made in Serbia
Date of manufacture: 12/03/1991
Why Crest? “Because I love outdoor activities, and teaching people the things I love” 
Speaks English, Hungarian, Serbian.
He teaches all levels and ages for; SUP, kayak and swimming
He is always smiling and great with kids!



Pavsic Primoz : Boat Driver 

Made in Yugoslavia
Date of manufacture: 24/05/1983
Why Crest? “I missed my flight to Bali” 
Speaks English, Italian, Slovenian and German
He is always lending a helping hand and is consistently ready for anything




Miteva Aneliya Dimitrova : Boat Driver

Made in Bulgaria
Date of manufacture: 01/10/1987
Why Crest? “My hobbies are the sea and watersports and here I get to do what I love!” 
Speaks English, Bulgaria and Russian
She is always laughing; she is the life of the party at work, slightly crazy but will always lift up your mood




Martina Talo : Photographer

Made in Serbia
Date of manufacture: 02/06/1993
Why Crest? “I adore watching people leave with memories that I have captured” 
Speaks English, Hungarian and Serbian
She can always put a smile on your face with her beautiful photos and is always up for a thrill to capture with her camera






Team riders

Come and meet our Team Riders!

Overview - Team riders

Meet our Team Riders, who are all well practiced in their respective sports and are proud to call Crest their home.

  • Nicolas Michael: The Windsurfer
  • Made in Cyprus.
  • Date of manufacture: 27/04/1999
  • Found the meaning of life in 2006.
  • Shred shack located in: Limassol, Cyprus.
  • Started riding at: somewhere in Limassol on one of its many beautiful spots, under the watchful eye of his father.
  • Loves sea and takes every opportunity to go surfing and windsurfing.
  • Also likes Wakeskating, Skimboarding , Wakeboarding and Sailing.
  • Spends the summer seasons at Crest, riding, chilling and helping to keep equipment in order. 


  • Niels Willemars: The Wakeboarder
  • Made in the Netherlands.
  • Date of manufacture: 19/02/1992
  • Found the meaning of life in 2009.
  • Shred shack located in: Diemen, the Netherlands.
    Started riding at: Crest Watersports Centre
  • Very positive and optimistic dude. 
  • Drops by from time to time to demonstrate his cool style and to tandem coach us and our friends behind the boat.
  • Now studying in the Netherlands (wasting parents money). He dreams of a relaxed life on the beach where he can ride all day every day. We hope his dreams will come true.
  • Currently shredding the local surf in Australia.
  • Competes at National level in Dutch wakeboard competitions. 




  • Grace Maria Gajin
  • Made in Cyprus
  • Date of manufacture: 23/12/2010
  • Found the meaning of life in 2011, at age 3 months.
  • Shred shack located in Pyrgos, Limassol.
  • Started riding at: Crest Watersports Centre. 
  • Desperate sportswoman and our angel.
  • She loves SUP (stand up paddling) and Hobie cat sailing.
  • Prodigal waterski and wakeboard talent. 






  • France Login: The Wakeboarder
  • Made in Slovenia
  • Date of manufacture: 29/12/1995
  • Found the meaning of life in 2012
  • Shred shack located in Pissouri, Cyprus.
  • Doing long distance online school at night, so he has plenty of time to ride during the day.
  • Loves the water and especially the sea.
  • Very optimistic guy that is happy to meet other riders and learn new things.
  • Enjoys windsurfing, wakeskating, wakesurfing, sailing, scuba diving, kite surfing, snorkelling, and kayaking.
  • Use to compete at Slovenian national snowboard slalom level. 






  • Marek Pjevic: The kiteboarder 
  • Made in Czech Republic 
  • Date of manufacture:  
  • Shred shack located in Limassol, Cyprus 
  • Huge guy with a big smile. 
  • A former windsurfer, he switched to kite while traveling through the USA. 
  • Tries to sneak out of the office everytime he sees the wind starts.