10% discounts available on all yacht classes Waterskiing and wakeboarding have always been very important to our centre. When you see wind sets ripples on the water, fun is about to start. Take your family for a ride! Take off with the fastest growing sport. When sci-fi becomes a reality.

About CrestWaterSports

"Crest WaterSports, Limassol, Cyprus"

Crest Watersports Centre was founded in the mid 1980’s, with the aim of offering a wide range of watersports activities, that would provide an unforgettable holiday experience or  be the start of a life long passion.

Today, this enthusiasm and love for Watersports has turned Crest into a thriving sports centre, that is up to date with all the latest equipment and sports, providing a great time for individuals as well as the whole family.  We pride ourselves on our diversity of teaching abilities, offering instruction in Greek, English and Russian and have taught children water sports from as young as 4years old.  We have also worked with people with a range of disabilities and welcome anyone who shares our love of life on the sea.


Over the last 30 years, one rule has remained the same, safety is our main priority.

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