Wakesurf, Wakesurfing in Limassol, Cyprus | Crest WaterSports

There’s no need to travel to Hawaii if you want to learn how to surf! You can experience the thrill of surfing here at Crest! Get behind our boat and surf the endless wave that is its wake.

During the 1950’s surfers began to experiment by trying to surf behind the boat wake. Soon after, the sport of wakesurfing was born. In the last 5 years, the sport has grown and become much more commercial.

The waterstart technique with wakesurfing is similar to the wakeskate starting technique. The line you hold is very short so that you can just drop into the wake and begin surfing it, at which point you can throw the line back into the boat. We have extra ballast to ensure that the wake is easy to surf, but we recommend that you come as a group, so that you have the ride of your life. This is an exciting new sport, so try it here at Crest.




Regular price 


 1 tow 15 minutes




 1 lesson 25 minutes








Additional persons on the boat during the lessons or tows will be charged an extra 5 euro per person.