Limassol, South coast of Cyprus


South coast of Cyprus.



Climate and Weather

Limassol has a typical Mediterranean climate with a hot, dry summer which begins in mid-May and lasts until mid-October and with a rainy, but very moderate winter from December until the middle of March. Spring and Autumn are very brief periods, characterised by very good weather. Daylight hours, with a very clear sky and sunshine throughout the year, range from 9.8 hours in December to 14.5 hours in June.

The temperature during the day in summer ranges between 25 and 36 degrees Celsius, while in winter it ranges between 2 and 18 degrees Celsius depending on the altitude of the area.

The sea temperature is approximately 16 degrees Celsius in winter and 25 in the summer period. These specific temperatures allow for swimming throughout the year.


Greek is the official language although English and Russian are both widely spoken. In addition, German is also spoken in the tourism industry.


Limassol is considered to be one of the most significant commercial and industrial centers of Cyprus. It has developed into one of the largest Mediterranean harbors for the transit of goods and transportation of passengers and is rapidly developing into one of the most significant marine, tourist, commercial and service centers in the area.


Limassol harbor is a harbor of multiple purposes, and is the main harbor of Cyprus. The harbor’s marine area covers one square kilometer, while its terrestrial  area covers 1.3 square kilometers.