Wakeskate, Wakeskating in Limassol, Cyprus | Crest WaterSports

Wakeskating is not just an activity, it's not just a sport; it truly is a way of life.

When looking at a wakeskate closely, we see that the general shape of the board is similar to that of a wakeboard, but it has no bindings. The top surface of the board is covered with griptape (in a similar fashion to a skateboard) or a soft, high-traction, foam covering that is more forgiving to riders when it comes to the inevitable crashes. The foam allows for the board to be ridden barefoot. Riders usually wear shoes to have more control on the board. 

At Crest, wakeskaters can choose which vessel they wish to ride behind. If you’re looking to try and improve your wake jumps, we have the Mastercraft ready at your disposal. For the beginner riders and those looking to improve their flat tricks, we offer outboard boat and jetski tow options.




Regular price 


 1 tow, 8-10 minutes




 1 lesson, 25 minutes








Additional persons on the boat during lessons or tows will be charged an extra 5 euro per person