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It’s time to explore Cyprus from a different perspective in one of our boats or jet skis. Whether you’re looking for a nice gentle ride, or a fast ride full of adrenaline, we can accommodate your needs, no prior experience necessary. Our products are regularly serviced and checked to ensure that your safety remains paramount.

The clear, blue waters around the island will provide for a wonderful ride in one of our boats or jet skis.
The clear, blue waters around the island will provide for a wonderful ride in one of our boats or jet skis. Crest team


Jets & Boats

Jet Ski

Jet Ski rides give you much more adrenaline and opportunity than driving a motorbike. The sea is at your disposal!

Overview - Jet Ski

Discover more about the fun that is jet skiing with us. It is a versatile sport whether you want a gentle ride with your child or to go all out - fist to throttle for a more extreme experience!

Whatever your wish, Crest has a fleet of Seadoo GTi Jetski that are ready to be ridden along the waves. 

Jet-ski Rental






Regular price


1 person 15 minutes




2 person 15 minutes








1 person 15 minutes (Fast Key)




2 persons 15 minutes (Fast Key)






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Crest has a brand new range of boats ready to be ridden along the waves.

Overview - Boats

Explore the nearby coast or float lazily along the beachfront. Whether you want to drive the boat yourself, or be accompanied by one of our instructors, the choice is yours.

Our self-drive boats range from 150 hp – 200 hp. You can choose between a ride on the Othello Boats (150 hp or 200 hp). Maximum capacity (including driver) is 5 people. All our boats come with the relevant safety equipment and VHF radio and are serviced at regular intervals. 

Upon request we provide fishing rods, diving masks and fins.

  • Boat Rental






    Regular price


    Dina - 150 horse power – 30 min
    Dina - 150 horse power – 60 min 









    150 horse power – 30 min
    150 horse power – 60 min



    200 horse power – 30 min
    200 horse power – 60 min






     Driver on boat – 30 min


















Flyboard / Hoverboard

This new kind of activity took a start just in 2011 and quickly spread worldwide.

Overview - Flyboard / Hoverboard

Flyboard/ Hoverboard itself is a simple yet innovative device, which consists of a special board, attached with a long hose to the jet ski turbine and two hand stabilizers, thus allowing rider to fly above the surface of the water.

If you ever wondered how it feels to be like famous fictional Iron Man or James Bond with his jet pack, here is your chance! Flyboard will allow you to soar over the water, spin and flip and swim like a dolphin.

It’s very easy to master Flyboard – control principals are very similar to simply walking. Thus, with a help from our instructors you will be able to take off and fly in no time.

Flyboard/ Hoverboard




 Not Available at the moment


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Photo - Flyboard / Hoverboard