Watson 2014


Wakeboards Watson 2014

If you’re looking for an ultra smooth, user-friendly, yet high performance board for behind the boat, the WATSON is your board! It’s a seasoned vet and proven winner designed to edge hard into the wake with catch free release. Every board Shawn Watson has designed has always been labeled smooth and consistent, just like him, and this board is consistent with that mantra. Take a spin on the WATSON wakeboard and unbelievable pop and super smooth landings are in your future!


Wakeboards Watson 2014

Aggressive, Three Stage Rocker
Provides hard hitting pop for that straight-up boost – perfect for the wake to wake rider

Triple Concave Mid-Section into Dual Concave Vee
Softens landings while maintaining speed, accelerates into and out of turns and off the wake

Hook Edge Rail
Lifted concave rail bevel gives superior bite for aggressive edging and catch-free sliding on rails

Dual Vented Slots
Water Flow detaches at edges of tip slot for increased speed and lift.

Pro-Glass Combo Layup
Special combination glass layup offers increased flexural strength

LF Durabase Hull
Durable high gloss base for added durability

Bladed RX Quad Fin Setup


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The Watson 2014 From 369.99 €



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Wakeboards Watson 2014