Fiver 2014


Wakesurf Fiver 2014

A shape designed to boost airs easily!

If you want to boost off the wake, the all NEW Custom Fiver will help you get there! This new shape can be ridden as a Quad or a Thruster to give you the flexibility to dial in your ride to best suit your surfing style. With its lightweight core, epoxy construction, and double-to-quad concave diamond tail shape, this board has all you could want or need in a pro-level surfer… Check it out and get your shred on!


Wakesurf Fiver 2014

Lightweight EPS Stringered Core
Precision cut, hand finished, glassed to perfection from the master file.

Double-to-Quad Concave V-Hull
Rolls rail to rail with speed and lift

Wide Diamond-tail Shape
Full tail shape provides more boost into the air

Removable Quad or Thruster Fin Setup 
Four fins for power and thrust; Tri-fin for tight pivots off the wake.

Full Deck EVA Grooved Traction Pads
Gives you the grip you need on the water and in the air.


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Wakesurf Fiver 2014