Sailing in Limassol, Cyprus | Hobie Cat in Crest WaterSports

Riding a Hobie Cat is a fast and easy way to get a glimpse of what real sailing is all about.

If you have never set foot on deck before, our instructors will be more than happy to provide you with all the essential techniques, rules and safety instructions. 

Once your training is complete, take your family and explore the island of Cyprus from a totally different perspective. Or bring your friends for a fun race to test your skills! 

Introductory lesson

If you want to know what it means to set sail, you can start with a single hour accompanied by one of our instructors. Lesson will take place on light wind day, so you can see how it works.

Through the lesson your instructor will get you familiar with the following:

  • Essential and vital parts of a Hobie Cat.
  • Basic wind theory
  • How to prepare you Hobie Cat and to set sail
  • How to steer your Hobie Cat and how to stop.
Learn sailing

This course will help you to become an independent Hobie user.  After successfully accomplishing this course you should be able to prepare your Hobie Cat and to set sail on your own.

Through the course your instructor will teach you on the following topics:

  • Essential and vital parts of Hobie Cat.
  • Basic wind theory.
  • How to prepare your Hobie Cat and to set sail.
  • How to steer and how to stop your Hobie Cat.
  • How to turn against the wind and with the wind.
  • How to go upwind and downwind.
  • How capsize your Hobie Cat.
  • Rules of way and safety on the water.

As soon as you will get comfortable and confident with the basic techniques and skills, than you are ready to try sailing in more harsh conditions on our 17 feet Hobie Cat. 



30 mins

1 hour

3 hours

5 hours






Standard price


40 euro

105 euro

160 euro

Hobie Cat ride with instructor, up to 2 persons

40 euro













Introduction lesson – 1 hour


60 euro


Learn Sailing – 3 hours + 1 hour rent free


150 euro